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Breakfast Bowls & Pots

Bircher Muesli  |  R60
Oats, almonds, grated apple soaked in milk & yoghurt with raisins, fresh fruit and a berry coulis

Chia Coconut Pot  |  R60
Coconut milk and chia seeds soaked overnight topped with seasonal fruits and berries, not only for vegans 

Creamy Rice Pudding  |  R40
Arborio rice cooked in milk and cream seasoned with cinnamon & vanilla, served creamy and cold

Oats Porridge  |  R60
This all-time favourite is served with a fresh fruit and a berry compote 

Homemade Nut and Seed Granola   |  R70
Rolled oats, mixed nuts and seeds, goji berries, cinnamon & vanilla make a delicious combo served with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit

Waffles, Pancakes & other things

Emperor’s mess  | R60
Traditional Austrian dish, a light dough baked in butter with raisins and topped with icing sugar presented to you hot and sweet in a cast iron skillet.

American Pancake Stack/Flapjack Stack  | R65
Bacon & Maple Syrup Fresh fruit and whipped cream

Apple Buckwheat Pancakes  | R60
Gluten free vegan pancakes served with caramel apples and pecan nuts.

 Belgian Waffle  | R45
The original served with a Belgian fudge sauce…heaven

Spinach Bacon Crepe  | R65
Spinach, bacon, mushroom & feta with hollandaise sauce

 Zucchini and Quinoa Röstis  | R95
Smoked salmon, dill, lemon infused cream cheese & a cucumber salad
Add a poached egg R12

 Loaded Breakfast Skillet | R60
Diced potatoes, bacon, spring onions & mozzarella top two eggs

Toast & Sandwiches

Welsh Rarebit | R48
Cheese on toast with attitude, this comforting, substantial snack works for morning, midday and evening.

Smashed Avo Toast | R38
Add a poached egg + R12
Add streaky bacon + R20
Add Feta cheese + R12

French toast  | R65
Bacon, banana & maple syrup
Fresh fruit & Yoghurt

Hangover Breakfast Sandwich | R95
rocket, deep-fried camembert, bacon jam and a fried egg

Create your own

Omelette, 3 eggs  | R36

 Scrambled, 2 eggs | R24
2 eggs scrambled with a little butter and cream

 Fried |  R12
Poached |  R12
Boiled |  R12

 Bacon  |  R20
Pork sausage  | R20
Spice chorizo, sliced and pan fried until crisp | R20
Rosemary ham | R20

Hollandaise sauce | R20

Sliced avo when in season | R20
Roasted tomatoes | R12
Pan fried mushrooms | R12
Spinach | R12

Freshly baked bread, served fresh or toasted (2 Slices)
Rye 60% or 100% | R12
Seed loaf | R12
Farm style brown | R10
Farm style white | R10

On the healthy side

Tofu Health Bowl  | R100
Quinoa, kale & cabbage meets pickledjalapeño, radish and carrots for this healthy dish – there is coriander, so if you’re not a fan: let us know!

Chopped Chicken & Sesame Noodle Bowl  | R98
With carrots, spring onions and coriander with a sesame, ginger and peanut sauce

Nourishing Quinoa Bowl  | R90
A multicoloured explosion on a plate featuring sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli, kale and chickpeas with Hummus

Fab Salad  | R90
A vegan salad with vegan feta, crunchy, bright kale, toasted pecans, dried cranberries in a garlic cashew maple dressing.

Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit Juice |R22
Wild Berry
Ruby Grapefruit

Hot Drinks

Americano : R24
Espresso  : R18
Espresso-Db  : R22
Cappuccino  : R24
Cappuccino – Dbl  : R28
Café Latte  : R24
Café Latte – Dbl  : R28
Hot Chocolate  : R18

Tea – Ceylon  : R15
Tea – Rooibos  : R15
Pure Cup – Earl Grey  : R22
Pure Cup – Spiced Chai  : R22
Pure Cup – Tranquilitea  : R22
Pure Cup – Raspberry  : R22
Pure Cup – Green Tea  : R22
Pure Cup – Rooibos Fruit infusion R22